måndag 9 februari 2009

EXAKT - Made in Sweden - LAMPOR i Second Life som ger LJUS!

Why not visit my small store full of ”Light” in Verloren sim - Second Life!


What is EXAKT - Made in Sweden ?

The philosophy behind EXAKT is simple - in theory ;) I always strife to be straight, simple (but not simplistic), clear, prim effective (but not stingy) and modern in everything I design... and add a little fun in the end ;) The battle cry is "less is more" (but not a bore).

Design does not have to be opulent to please the eye. Good design is always precise, ”exakt” in Swedish. It has to focus first on the purpose of the object to be created - and then add beauty and elegance.

It is no accident of course, that my principles are like they are. The girl behind this AV is from Sweden. And Swedish (or other Scandinavian) design has long been known exaktly for these qualities. From my first childhood days playing with my Swedish designed Doll House I loved exaktly this style of design.

Now - living in a bohemian part of beautiful Stockholm - I see, I enjoy, I "breath" it every day in many of the shops, galleries and offices of my beloved home town. And now I will bring more of it to SL, too - EXAKT-ly like it was meant to be ;)

Use this SLurl to visit: - ”EXAKT Main Store in Verloren” - and find out what can be done with Light ... and some more in Second Life.


lördag 6 december 2008

Upcomming typcial Swedish events 2008 in December! - Swedish Lucia in Second Life!

/PLEASE - Click the picture for a larger version/


Lucia start FRIDAY 12th of December in Second life:

22:00 (12th) and 02:00 (13th in the morning) to late - Swedish Time.
and - 02.00 PM (SLT) and 05.00 PM (SLT) to late.

Every year the 13th of December, Santa (Saint) Lucia arrives to Sweden to announce the Christmas season. This year 2008, again, she will be in Second Life.

The Lucia Celebration features traditional Swedish songs, with a woman, representing Saint Lucia, dressed in white robes, with a headdressof candles, a halo of light to repel the darkness. Swedish LUCIA in Second Life – 12th and 13th of December at Swedish Institute – sim´s

Lucia start FRIDAY 12th of December in Second life:

22:00 (12th) and 02:00 (13th in the morning) to late - Swedish Time.
and - 02.00 PM (SLT) and 05.00 PM (SLT) to late.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend this celebration of light and meet a real Swedish Lucia,complete with an entourage of singers, a Christmas tree, Santa (the real one!), Swedish freebie gifts, Swedish live music and disco.

There will also be a Christmas Marketplace at same sim from 12th of Decmeber to late December where 18 Swedish Desigers in Second Life will take part!

Very welcome – all residents in Second Life


Produced by: Swedish People in SL and funded by the Swedish Institute. For more info: http://tinasuniversum.blogspot.com - In Swedish. More information in English will follow at this English version of same blogg (later).

Do you want more info about Sweden and Swedish companys please contact Swedish Institute IRL.



Many thanks to these designers, who donated some wonderful objects to the group working on the celebration of Swedish Lucia 2008 in Second Life:


For more information or to receive images for articles, contact:

torsdag 4 december 2008

Press release: Virtu-Real goes Tokyo

By: studio un/real + TEAM
Commissioned by: The Swedish Institute

Quality of Life - the Design of Swedish Innovations, December 8, 2008 - January 14, 2009
Swedish Embassy, Tokyo, Japan, and Second House of Sweden, Swedish Institute Sim, Second Life

Tokyo, Japan – With their latest new media architecture installation, architects Daiki Kobayashi and Michael Matèrn, continue to stretch the boundries between real and virtual space. They will be part of “Quality of Life - the Design of Swedish Innovations”, an exhibition at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo, opening on December 8.

The young Swedish-Japanese duo, known by their alter egos of Mr Kobayashi & Mr Matèrn, together form the architecture firm studio un/real. They work together with +TEAM, a creative platform for architects, designers and other creatives.

“We really try to give the visitors an experience of a unique atmosphere of being in between the hard, vector- produced digital computer world and our soft and very tactile DNA-based everyday life,” says Kobayashi, the Japanese half of studio un/real.

The site specific installation, the second of four commissioned by the Swedish Institute, a public agency promoting Sweden abroad, plays with the perception of 2D and 3D space. Through an interface of body movements and mobile phones, visitors can interact in a space in between the real and the virtual.

“The Virtu-Real concept is basically about trying to merge virtual and real life in a spatial way. When you physically move in real life, you also move in relation to the virtual world, thus creating a new kind of spatial interface,” explains Matèrn, the Swedish half of studio un/real. By using the traditional methods of perspective painting as a textile 3D collage (instead of on a flat canvas plane), it is the inevitable continuation of concepts such as Murakami’s Superflat ideas and the post-modern database.

This 3D-goes-2D surface is then hardwired into an online virtual world. As visitors become the ‘Final Artist’, using both digital and analog tools and codes, the installation reassembles the whole event into a representation of the ultimate database: Virtu-Real.

Although only an addition to an existing exhibition space in the Swedish embassy in Tokyo, the installation creates a new way to interact with the virtual online world of Second Life and its users. By walking around this 4 x 14 meter interactive textile collage, visitors can not only look into, but actually through the online virtual space and back into the real embassy again.

Visitors can also send text messages from their mobile phones into the virtual continuation of this space and communicate with exhibition visitors inside Second Life, who can text back into real space. The messages sent into Second Life will be displayed as 3D objects in the virtual world, at the same time the text messages sent from inside Second Life will be projected onto the surface of the installation in the embassy. Video streaming will also allow visitors in both Second Life and the real-life embassy to see each other. With the use of traditional Scandinavian arts and crafts material, such as felt and paper, for the real life exhibition space addition, studio un/real + TEAM designed, engineered and constructed the installation on site in a true database spirit.

Press photos available for download as of December 8 at: www.studiounreal.com/tokyo
(preview 3D-rendering available for download as of now at: www.studiounreal.com/preview)

Sponsor: Kvadrat Sanden
For more information about the members of +TEAM, see: www.studiounreal.com/TEAM
Press contact: Mr Matèrn
Email: mrmatern@studiounreal.com
Phone: +46 (0)70 5511 441

Press contact - Japan only: Mr Kobayashi
Email: mrkobayashi@studiounreal.com
Phone: +81 909 3535 682


More at: http://secondhouseofsweden.com/ - plus links that function!:-)



söndag 8 juni 2008

First Swedish National Day celebrations are over tonite!

At 19:00 is the last clownperformance - after that we close - and say a THANK YOU to all of you that visited us - the installation, the party and the Cirkus!

What will be next up...nobody knows but we have some very special days that are typicial Swedish every year..


lördag 31 maj 2008

Come celebrate Sweden’s National Day in Second Life (June 6)

Come celebrate Sweden’s National Day in Second Life (June 6)

On June 6 Swedes celebrate their national day. This year the celebrations in Second Life are going to be extra special — three days of shows and activities by some of Second Life’s most talented artists.

The celebrations start on Friday, June 6 at 8 p.m. Stockholm time (GMT+1 or 11 a.m. SL time) on the roof of Second House of Sweden, Sweden’s virtual embassy in Second Life.

Friday evening will be filled with performances by talented Swedish artists and DJs. Visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy circus performances, clowns, fire eaters and more.

The Swedish Institute’s General Director Olle Wästberg will kick off the celebration at 8 p.m. After his introduction, there will be a sing-along to the Swedish national anthem. After that, the performance artists and DJs take over until late.

In the week running up to June 6, visit the lawn in front of the Second House of Sweden to see a special piece of scripted installation art. This NPIRL (not possible in real life) installation will materialize piece by piece to become a giant Swedish flag by June 6. The installation was conceived by Tina (PetGirl) Bergman and built and scripted by Deirdre Boyer.

Saturday and Sunday, June 7–8, you can explore the beautiful archipelago, take a swim, sit in the sauna, and visit the country fair — with juggling clowns and fire eaters, camping tents, popcorn, ice cream and model airplanes. At 11pm Stockholm time Saturday evening, the well-known vaudeville performance group “The Show Must Go On”, directed by Osprey Therain, makes a special appearance.

There will be plenty of freebie hand-outs, from red clown noses to the Swedish national dress and Swedish flag, just for starters.

All are welcome, Swedes and non-Swedes alike. If you are a Swede, try to bring a foreign friend, so they too can partake in Sweden’s national day.

See you soon!

Swedes in Second Life and the Swedish Institute.

Responsible for the production of this National Day celebration:
Ika Cioc - Art director and hostess during the celebration
Vira Broome - Virus manager
Belze Fraker - Bob the builder
Cur Waydelich - Clown on duty
Kay Uggla

Tina (PetGirl) Bergman - Producer and organizer

On stage we will have the elite of Swedish music in Second Life:
Natalie Moody
Ernst Edman
Bara Jonson
Junivers Stockholm

Two DJs will be responsible for the music during the evening and will make sure you feel like dancing.
Balp Allen - DJ
Freddie Lancaster - DJ

Special thanks to “The Show Must Go On” — Second Life’s best known vaudeville theater/circus.

From the Swedish Institute:
Olle Wästberg / Olle Ivory
Stefan Geens / Belmeloro DiPrima
Karl Peterson/ Nex Canning
Visit http://www.secondhouseofsweden.com for contact information

Many thanks to these designers, who donated some wonderful objects to the group working on the celebration of Sweden’s national day in Second Life:
Lilith Hearth — plants
Alexa Lioncourt — disco equipment
Paul Ge — music instruments
Paul Ge — riot fences
Jesper Prinz — luxurious textures
Yoshinori Shirakawa — television equipment
Taco Rubio — therapist
Junivers Stockholm — a football field
Dinky Deschanel — circus equipment

For more information or to receive images for articles, contact: